Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beautiful Leopard passed away ..599 left around the world 2012


The Sad Story of a beautiful Leopard at the Living Desert in Palm Desert California.
We went one day for a visit to our beautiful out door zoo to enjoy all the animals, which was so wonderful  to see!!  They were basically in their own enviroment..free as the birds.
The first animal I wanted to see were the leopards (I love the wild cats and little cats to)..there were two..mind you this is not a big zoo!!there many desert type animals, Giraffes, Cougars,the leopards etc.
Well when we got to the leopards they were both sleeping so we walked around for quite
sometime looking at the shops and the rest of the beautiful animals...as I said it was so good to 
When we got back they up and the one little ones ..hehe were of course not so little. the one leopard didn't look to good. I said to my husband.gee, he kind of looks ill...he agreed.
 The sad news is that two or three weeks later we found out that our pretty leopard had died...I still as I am writing you about our journey I still  have tears..it was just was so sad to hear that he had passed away..he was beautiful and we found out that he was one of 600 hundred left in the world..how sad is that. Now of course I could go into the reasons why there are only that many left..maybe some other time!!.
This is his picture digitalized..I can't find the other one ..its in my computer somewhere..
when I find it I will put it up for you to see him as he looked the day we saw him.

We have to take care of our beautiful creatures that God has given us to take care of not kill for money or whatever.
We are all here for a reason and so are even the itty bittest little creatures.
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