Monday, August 24, 2015

Precious My Rescue Kitty by Sherriofpalmsprings

ittle precious is a rescue cat!! but she was found in a very strange place. My husband had gone to the store that evening and it was a very cold night he had his big sweater on and said he was freezing...( hard to believe in the desert ) he was ready to get into the car when he opened the door he looked to his left which of course was the front of the car and thought he saw something it looked like two eyes of something...well he moved away from the door to see what it was a it was a black or grey cat... he put him in a bag and walked in the door and I said what do you have in the bag that is moving all around...wait till you see he walked right in the bedroom with me following him. opened the bag and there was this adorable grey cat I thought.. he couldn't have been more then 2 months..awwh can you imagine leaving a beautiful little kitty out like this or maybe his mom didn't want him.. or whatever he was precious and I fell in love that moment. I said to Joe lets give him a bath. and guess what she was pure white.. I was thrilled. she had a bad eye from probably a branch on her journey. I had hoped it was a girl but it was a, I thought but when we brought her for her shots and had her neutered..I went to pick her up and the doctor said he was a I was thrilled and new my male cat would like that and so did I. well Precious is 7 yrs now and she is so smart, she listens and never leaves my side. Oh it was a couple of days before Christmas.. So I figured God sent her to Joe and I for a Christmas Present.. amen I have a picture before this that she sort of looked like in the dark when Joe Saw Her on the tire..gee did I say that.. writing is not one of my qualities..