Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Favorite Wonderful Lab and little story...

This Jade He and I just lost are beautiful lady ... Her name was Honey Girl, we loved her so much
it is so amazing the love they had for each other, that goes for me also. She died in August and
he still is so lonely, usually if one of my pets dies I will get another one so they won't be alone.
But we will be moving soon back to a bigger house and then we will get another rescue.
Its always so hard when we go to a rescue place.. they all are so cute and want to go home with
us.. one time we came home with mother and daughter dogs, they were so wonderful but they had some kind of virus from them being out in the desert.. so sad, I have had animals all my life but since
I am retired.. well not really, I work more now then I did when I was working. I have seen so much love and I wonder how they understand each other.. each can be in another room and they will
meet outside almost at the same time.. so many things they do like that.. they totally amaze me..

God gave us animals to take care of and to love , but I think they give us more love and friendship well I can't say mine are absolutly spoiled so are my cats and they all get along so well

                                           love you Honey Girl and miss you so so much..