PAGE1:Basant Soni, Famous Fine Artist From India, His Awesome Art is Organic from out beautiful Mother Earth!!

:- BIODATA Basant Soni has a mission to work as an "Eco friendly Artist'.. develop & generate the concept of Organic Art i.e. "Mother Earth Ingredients-Organic art"using ONLY dried thrown out ingredients of Treasure of Nature such as flowers,petals leaves,twigs,fibers,grass,weeds,seeds and some tough barks of vegetables etc.The Painting surface/Canvas are sturdy Barks of Canary Palm Tree and Bamboo Tree,suitably processed as conventional flat canvas INSPIRATION Inherited art from his father renowned Musician & Artist. He was a real inspiration in development of Art.Since childhood.used to devote most of the leisure time on drawings & water paintings under guidance of Father & School-Art Teacher & famous artist Since childhood intended to do innovation in the field of Art & Painting.Accordingly, tried to research an alternate source of colors & canvas after many trials & errors methods. A long untiring endeavors (more than 15 years) discovered & just touch the Treasure of Nature---Organic Materials--Mother Earth Ingredients i.e.infinite scope of Raw Art Materials.Any one can generate this Organic Art with inner aesthetic sense & creativity skills from Natural sources without purchasing any Art Materials from market. Things that discarded by nature to perish in time is starting point to convert in-to Organic Art.No any colors/artificial materials required to create this concept of Organic Art except the 'Glue' This new concept of Art is :- Novel, Innovative,Creative & Inspiring to every one ACHIEVEMENTS * Best Award on Painting‘ Bhagna-Awashes’ by M P Kala Parishad. * ' Koushal Bharti Alankaran' on Jaivic Art from "Sanskar Bharti " * Vasundhara Mitra Award at International Film Festival on 'Saving Biodiversity' sponsored by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd,Indore * 'Organic Art' endorsed in " India Book Of Records" .. * AIR broadcast special Talk on 'Organic Art' in Jabalpur,(MP) and Chhattisgarh. * Consequent upon various exhibitions,the Press Release before & after exhibitions,published/displayed in various media channels Magazines & Newspapers throughout the country. EXHIBITIONS A) Solo Shows :- * Contemporary Art Gallery. Ahmadabad,(Gujrat) .. 7-days * Rani Durgawati Kala Vithika Jabalpur,(3-Days) .. 2 days * Pritam Lal Dua, Art Gallery Indore,(MP) .......... .. 3-Days * Anand Mohan Mathur, Sabhagrah..Indore,(MP) ..3-Days * A Special Show sponsored by ‘Reliance Time Out’ & ‘Diamond Books’ on behalf of “India Book Of Records” . Bhopal (MP) * Tarang Auditorium Gallery, MPEB,Jabalpur ..........4 days * Solo show during " Kaushal Bharti Anankaran Samaroh"organized by Sanskar Bharti at Janki Raman Mahavidyalaya,Jabalpur B) Group Show:- *Participated in several group shows sponsored/organized by Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad at Jabalpur & other various social Organizations /Institutions. *Taken part in Group show "Magnum Opus' at New Delhi. * Participated in Group Show organized by 'Vivechana Rang Mandal'at Tarang Auditorium Gallery,MPEB Jabalpur. *Group Show organized by'Sanskar Bharti' at Sarswati Shiksha Mandir,Shstri Bridge Jabalpur. *group show sponsored under" Rang Rekha' by " Ustad Allauddin Khan Music & Art academy,Bhopal on 18-22 Oct '16 in Rani Durgawati Kala Vithika Art gallery associated by Govt Lalit Kala Sansthan Jabalpur. *Joint-show in Fair along with one of the Organic-Art student This Fair/exhibition in addition of Organic Art work/display of Organic products.The Art fair sponsored by Ratna Kala Kendra Local Art organization on 21-23 Oct '16 FLAIR / HIGHLIGHT * IFAA academician since Jan 2012. As on date more than 90 participants...not only from our country but from other foreign countries too.have learnt the concept of Organic Art through On-line "IFAA" programs. * In order to save exorbitant time for collection,drying process of natural ingredients.. there is a provision of "Organic Art-Kit" which will supply salient dried ingredients along with Bark Canvases. * Art Workshops also organized from time to time at schools/institutions so as to aware the " Eco Friendly Concept of Organic Art " Last years such workshops organized by 'Vivechana Rangmandal' at 'Chanchla Bai Mahvidyalaya Jabalpur. More than 40 students attended 2-days workshop * Recently,workshops on Jaivik Art sponsored by an Institute IAM venue at 'Govt Lalit Kala Sansthan,Jabalpur. More 50 Art--students participated 3-Days workshop. * Some Art PG- students submitted the Brief on 'Organic Art (Jaivic Art) to College-Art faculty in their respective 'Project Report'/ Souvenir reflecting mostly all parameters related to this Art,depicting Art Work too. * An eminent American-Artist Sherri Nicolas has so much impressed with Organic Art concept that she opined that "Organic Art" can heal too.Accordingly she includes this art in her Link .... CONTACT Mail:- Few Organic work are enclosed in view of ur Note Basant Soni sf
Basant Soni
This Dear person from India is one the nicest and absolutely wonderful Organic
artist. He does his works from the beauty that God put on this Mother Earth.
Now we all know that nature goes on to there little heaven When they die and when it is
left there sweet legacy of I was here... Basant Soni takes what was old he is inspired to

You can see Basants Art
at Redbubble and Fine Art America