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Reynold Jay is the leader of a team dedicated to publishing the fascinating 1883 Wurtherington Diary. Contact directly at and art from the series can be found here. Web site is here where signed books may be ordered. He has authored a dozen books and co-authored a non-fiction book with Amara, 'Eternal Defilement.' Once a Special Education teacher--now an author/publisher/restoration professional, he hopes to inspire his readers with this series meant for young and old alike. Look for upcoming books from the Wurtherington Diary: The Little Doll Girl: Book One Tammy and the Declaration of Independence: Book Two Tammy, Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: Book Three Tammy and the California Gold Rush: Book Four Tammy Meets William Tell Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express Buffalo Bill and the Indians Tammy and the Magna Carta Please sign up for the email Galleries are now organized for the different formats. ( Click the Galleries tab) If you find a piece of art in any gallery that needs tweaking for your wall d��cor or, please write and I'll see if I have what you want on hand. I can crop and edit to suite your needs. Write if you want a PARCHMENT DRAWING, SKETCH, or COLOR BOOK DRAWING, of anything. I'm posting the water colors for most art projects. If you write, I'll post it and then you may purchase it as you would any fineartamerica pieces.